No Courage without vulnerability

No Courage without vulnerability


Each day we show the world one side of ourselves.
The version we prefer the world to see.
And we often try to show the best version.
There is nothing wrong with that - but that version has it's limits, right?

Just admit it. There are things and qualities you don't want people to see and you don't want to be.

The version of yourself you show the world each day is familiar. It's your comfort zone.
It's comforts you - no matter if it hurts you or support you.

Often it feels like you need a little or a lot af courage to leave your comfort zone.
Like trying something new, when you using qualities you are not use to.

Like saying "I am someone people love to talk to".
"I am good enough". "I am worthy".
Has been hard for me.

Since I have done the work around those affirmations (or statements), they now feel good or okay in the body, when I say them out loud - without I feel like my chest is retracting or a sword is driven through it.

But I still everyday look at how my thoughts and behaviour can support "I am worthy" and "I am enough", cause most of my life have been convinced of the opposite. My unconscious, automatic thoughts and behaviour has been programmet for the negative version. Conscious behaviour and thoughts about being worthy and enough has to be trained, and choose that path many times before my brain automatic chooses that path who supports those thoughts and behaviours.

It feels weird or strange at first. The vulnerability is always present.
Most of us don't want to feel the vulnerability cause it makes us feel exposed and open for judgement by others and ourselves.

As Brené Brown says:

"When you get the place where you understand, that love and belonging -  your worthiness - is a birthright, and not something you have to earn, anything is possible". 

If it feels hard to say "I am worthy".
Start with "I choose to be worthy",
when that feels good in the body, change to "I feel worthy".
Then "I am worthy".

It is a choice about if you chooses to use the whole range of you, or stay in your comfort zone.

What do you choose?


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