Your fantasies tell you what you long for

Your fantasies tell you what you long for

(and it’s not what you think…)

It can be quite frustrating not knowing what dream about
What your passion is
What you really long for

Am I right?

Being stuck on that feeling of emptiness 
feeling like a failure

Not fun
and it drains you of all your energy

So what to do?

In my capacity as a coach I regularly here: 
“I don’t what dream of (or long for)…!”

My reply? 
“Yes, you do”

‘Cause we all long for something
A new job
New boyfriend / girlfriend
Peace and quit
[insert what you long for]

And we often fantasize about it
Especially if we don’t like our current situation
we can spend hours daydreaming of something better

This is when you want to pay attention!

It is all about the THEME and the FEELINGS in your daydreaming

Lately I noticed a theme in my daydreaming: 
I was always important to someone
I helped and guided someone 
I always showed up for people when they needed me

Do you see the theme?
(about being someone for someone)

What feelings did I long for?
- Feeling important
- Feeling useful
- Feeling trustworthy

 Reality check & action: 

  • Do I create disse feelings in my life today?
  • If not, how can I create these feelings today?


  • I have people in my life that I am important to
  • I actually do help & guide people (you know, the whole coach thing…)
  • I do show up for people when they need me
  • … but I could show more up for myself (better food for once and more sleep)

So I allowed myself to feel
and trustworthy 

AND created an action step to make healthy choices
(Like: Only have healthy afternoon snack in the house)


You can do the same


But wait, Louise!
You said, I would find what I dream of and long for?

Yes, I did…
… and what you dream of is the feelings

When you dream of being a smart, tough business woman
It is the feelings you think you will have
when you accomplished it, you dream of
Feelings like poweful, strong, independent, succesful
not so much the title or the job.

I know we are raised to believe otherwise

If you succeed in becoming a smart, tough business woman
AND you didn’t experiences the feelings 
you feel like you have failed ‘cause the feelings are missing


If you are the one saying: 
“I don’t know what I want to do with my life”

It can be overwhelming to start looking at The Vision for your life
Not your ego project - but your soul project
(which is to different things … maybe to be viewed in another blog post in the future)

Start with what you long for
and your soul project will reveal itself to you


How to know what you long for

  1. What do you day dream about?
  2. What is the theme in your day dream?
  3. What feelings do the daydreams create?
  4. Do you create these feelings today?
    1. If yes, acknowledge them
    2. If not, how can you create them today?


Remember it is all about creating the feelings
you long for 
now - not in the future

‘Cause creating action 
creates the feeling now
and gives you the power (back) to your life


Let me know how you start feeling the feelings you long for


Love and light,

Louise Virginia


PS. You can of course also book a coaching session and I can guide you through the steps 😉


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