Are you longing for something else?

Are you longing for something else?

Let me tell you a story about struggling with where you are in life,
feeling stuck or lost
- even though, you are doing good
and is exactly where you should be according to society.

Lets call it a modern day fairytale.

Once a upon a time there was a woman named Louise
who looked like she had everything under control
but underneath felt lost
yearned to know herself and where she wanted to be.

Louise was the first in her family to get a university degree.
She was offered her first full time job even before she had finished university.
Had a nice apartment in mid-town.
Great, trustworthy friends

So everything looked good on the outside

But these questions kept showing up in her head
“Is this it? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?” “Why aren’t I really happy?”

At first she ignored it.

Then things started to change at work
Louise felt obliged to work more and more hours
Everybody else also worked longer and longer
The psychological work environment declined dramatically.
Louise’s experiences in life told her to keep moving forward
because actions speaks louder then words.

But one day in January her body said “STOP!”
She became ill every time she had to go to work.
Nausea, dizziness, headache, anxiety.

She knew she had a choice to make
Keep ignoring or do something about it

Like in every fairytale Louise needed something or someone to help her
As any modern woman who felt stuck and lost, Louise turned to Google
and after a little research she found the help
A book “Find your passion in 4 weeks” by Pernille Melsted.

The book felt like magic,
Diving in to the self exploratory exercises, started to give Louise an idea about
who she was and sense of direction in life.

The book helped a lot, but Louise wanted more.
So she went searching,
searching for more answers,
searching to find where her fairy godmother, Pernille, had received her training and wisdom.

The Ford Institute in San Diego founded by Debbie Ford was the answer.
Before she knew it, Louise had signed up to their transformational training programs.
She was determined to find the answer,
determined to find the real her. 

During her year long study she realized how much believes and feelings affect one’s choices in life:

“Where we are in life and what we get is always the result of our actions
Our actions are always based on our choices
Our choices are always based upon our believes and current feelings”

She also collected a wide range of tools and insights into her beliefs around herself,
how they had served and protected her in life and how they now limited her.

She had a believe around not being good enough
but also a commitment to do what was expected of her
She now knew it were these beliefs and commitments
which had collided that January day

Through training and coaching she learnt to create new, supporting believes and commitments
and of cause follow through with SMART action steps

Yes, this modern day fairy tale s my story, Louise Virginia

If you recognize yourself in this story,

Struggling with where you are in life. Feeling lost or stuck.

I offer you a short cut

Let me be your fairy godmother that gives you the tools to get clarity, inner peace and confidence
(Like Pernille Melsted and Debbie Ford was mine)
So you can unlock your old, limiting believes and commitments and create new ones
that support you in the life you desire

You don’t have to do this on your own. Let’s do it together!

Love and light,

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