Are you cheering on yourself?

Are you cheering for yourself?

Of cause, you want to succeed in life,
but are you really cheering on yourself in all areas of your life?

I know I haven’t always
(Yes, it is okay to admit to yourself, while you are reading this. I won’t tell anybody)

There was a time
Where I didn’t feel like I deserved the things
that were coming my way.

Why would I be?

There was (of course) a logical explanation
I told myself “I am not worthy”
and of cause my experienced confirmed that belief

On the other side, there was no logical explanation for the opposite “I am worthy”
I definitely didn’t feel like my experiences supported it.

So I believed more in the first then in the second

Which one do you feel you can connect best with?
Not worthy or worthy?

I hit my lowest point of believing in the not-worthy-part on a January morning in 2013.
That day I instinctively knew
that I had to start cheering on myself.
Believe I could do my job
Believe I could find another job if I wanted to.
Support myself by making choices that led me to where I wanted to go.

The (minor…) problem?
I didn’t know where I wanted to go!

Here I was in my first job after finishing university and I was suppose to be happy!?!

I had gotten the job while writing my master.
A lot of my friends went 8 months or longer before they got a job.
I should be grateful!
But I was miserable…

So what do a lost academic do when she can’t find her drive? Her passion?
She goes to the online library and search for a book…
Search words: How to find your passion
Result = a book titled “Find your passion in 4 weeks” by Pernille Melsted (it is only in Danish)

That book became the start of looking at myself in another light
It introduced me to the world of shadows and theories about shadows
(Well, not the book in itself, but as an occupational habit of being a political scientist, I had to know what the theory was behind this book)

On a part of this journey I was coached

Through the coaching sessions I realized that I am worthy of everything that is coming into my life.
I have the power to co-create the life that I want.

So why not create it by making choices that supports it.
And cheering on you helps keep making supportive choices
- Also if it means leaving the job where I felt miserable

You might not be in the miserable job, but are you cheering yourself forward?Making choices that makes you live the life you desire?

Only you know what is your desired life
Only you can create it!
And you deserve it!

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